Midhurst CLT Spring Update

Dear Supporters,

SDNP has given a green light for affordable homes, as part of a new development, in Bepton Lane, Midhurst

Sorry for the radio silence but we want to only email you when we have news to share.

At last, out of the various projects we’ve been following up on since we wrote to you last, a number of new developments now have or are progressing towards planning permission. The one that we are now in initial discussions on is the former Brickworks, the old West Sussex County Council Depot site in Bepton Road Midhurst, where the SDNP has given Metis Homes planning consent for 69 houses, including affordable homes.

Artist impression of the new affordable flats at the Brickworks site

The site will include a block of 12 affordable rented flats (6 x 1 beds and 6 x 2 beds) and we have requested that Metis Homes allows us to assess the viability of Midhurst Community Land Trust to buy them for the local community.

Brickworks site illustration

These projects only come about through the support and commitment that the South Downs National Park Authority and Chichester District Council to help us obtain these key assets for the benefit of Midhurst. Indeed, our properties in Lamberts Lane, built by Metis, only came about through the strong support we had from both SNDP and CDC.

A further set of applications, that also contain affordable homes, by Metis Homes are being reviewed by SDNP on April 13th so we have a lot of work in hand to ensure that we can acquire affordable homes, in perpetuity for our local residents. Metis Homes Managing Director Adam O’Brien said in a recent meeting we had with him, We are keen to continue to deliver more affordable homes for the CLT following the success of the first units we built for you at Lamberts Lane”.

We plan to hold a Town Hall Meeting sometime in the Autumn when we should have some more specific information and timings. In the meantime, we appreciate your continued support.

If you would like to know more about Midhurst CLT and register as a supporter, please visit www.midhurstclt.org

Kind regards the MidhurstCLT Team.