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Affordable Housing for the Midhurst Area

What is the Midhurst Community Land Trust?

Midhurst Community Land Trust (Midhurst CLT) is a not-for-profit social enterprise set up by local people for the benefit of the town of Midhurst and the villages of Easebourne, West Lavington and Cocking..  Its overarching aim is to make available a long-term stock of genuinely affordable housing for local people to rent or occasionally, buy and to offer short-term rented accommodation to key workers.

A Community Land Trust is a social enterprise set up to benefit a specific community by owning important local assets.

Midhurst Community Land Trust was set up in 2017 by local volunteer residents whose objective is to provide affordable housing for local people. In July 2022 the Trust achieved Charity Status with the UK Charity Commission.

Midhurst Community Land Trust seeks to either own land or at least have very long leases on land and would seek with its supporters to control such things as the design of houses or flats and ensure that  local people have priority to live in them.

The Trust can then go on to protect other assets from being lost to the town – typically other community assets such as pubs, shops and allotments.

Midhurst Community Land Trust forms part of a national network of community land trusts.  For more information on community land trusts generally, please go to

What is a Community Land Trust?

Some CLT Success stories

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